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Submachine Universe译稿(日更)

Submachine Universe译稿4

Subhistory Theory
One day I’ll tell you about the early builds of the submachine, that took place in -1900 -1906 in Kent. the first submachine was built in early 1900. that much we know. ancient location was built later using a time machine. sub0 I am to say this. ;). it was made long after the first submachine. From the builders point of view, naturally, what other point of view can we take?… historical? with the time machine a historical point of view doesn`t exist any more… Referring to to the statue in Ancient sections of sub4 that could be the real looking of mur take it more symbolical. Someone triggered spontaneous creation of submachines. After the invention sub started to expand by there was a human factor in it at the beginning. but no more. So here we go.
A scientist in the early 1900s discovered and created a new technology which he named Submachine. This discovery and invention exists within or rather shares many of the laws of physics but in a space below that of normal physical reality. Subphysical. The Submachine exists in a space within space or rather in parallel. A Subworld or Underworld (this is important). While experimenting with his Submachines he made a mistake as no one could possibly understand the full scope of such new technology, nor where the boundaries of normal physics lay. Through the creation of a submachine he was (intentionally or otherwise) transported through time. On exiting this underworld he found himself in ancient Egyptian times. An early 20th century scientist with absolute knowledge of the ‘Underworld’. Now to anyone who finds themselves in a foreign land by accident, first priority is ‘How do I get home?’. If this proves to be impossible your new priority is ‘How am I going to survive?’. If you are a 20th century scientist in Egypt, with knowledge of the underworld and the ability to take someone and show them part of that underworld. Then you have got survival conquered.
Quote from Sub6
Patron of: knowledge, secrets, writing, and scribes. Appearance: A man with the head of an ibis holding a scribe’s palette and stylus. He was also shown as a full ibis, or sometimes as baboon Description: Thoth is an unusual god. Though some stories place his as a son of Ra, other say that Thoth created himself through the power of language. He is the create or magic, the inventor of writing, teacher of man, the messenger of the gods (and thus identified by the Greeks with Hermes) and the divine record-keeper and mediator.
He was also a measurer and recorder of time.
A 20th century scientist from on ancient Egyptian perspective:
Patron of: knowledge, secrets, writing, and scribes. Check!
He is the creator of magic, the inventor of writing, leacher of man, the messenger of the gods and the divine record-keeper and mediator. Check!
He was also a measurer and recorder of time. Check!
So we are left with a name, Thoth and his appearance.
Name first.
What if his name was say Tim Roth, he is in a strange land, the only known Tim, the only Roth. In a land where the written language is hieroglyphs. He simply becomes Thoth.

如果他的名字叫Tim Roth,他在一个陌生的地方,唯一知道是Tim,唯一的Roth。在一个书写语言是象形文字的地方。他的名字只是变成了Thoth。

A man with the head of on ibis holding a scribe’s palette and stylus. He was also shown as a full ibis, or sometimes as baboon. He lives in ancient Egypt, he dies, his deeds and knowledge ore passed on through a few generations, he is venerated as a god, they depict him as they depict all their gods.So a 20th century scientist trapped in another time ingratiates himself with the powerful of the land but he still wants to go home. He builds Submachines (means unknown) and sets about protecting these Submachines with defences and in turn connects them in to a Subnet. This proto-Subnet he designs to adapt in the hope that it will find the means to take him home. It doesn`t. ‘someone triggered spontaneous creation of submochines. After the ‘invention’ sub started to expand by itself. so there was a human factor in it at the beginning. but no more.’ After his death the Subnet continues to evolve. Thousands of years pass. The scientist is born and creates Submochines BUT the Subnet we are exploring already exists, he created it in his future, our past. The Subnet still waits on him. In Sub 6, as we exit the mover, we are asked for on IDN (IDentification Number presumably). We do not know Thoth’s IDN so we are dumped. This I hope explains the Egyptian emphasis on the Subnet.


因此,一个20世纪的科学家被困在另一个时代,以那个时代的土地的力量讨好自己,但他仍然想回家。他建造了Submachines(表示未知),并着手用防御系统保护这些机器,然后将它们连接到Sub net。他设计的这个原型Sub net是为了适应这种情况,并且希望能找到带他回家的方法。但它没有,在“发明”Submachine开始自行扩张之后,有人触发了Submachine的自我创造。所以这里在开始的时候有一个人为因素。
他死后,Subnet继续进化。几千年过去了。科学家创造了Submachine,但是我们正在探索的Subnet已经存在,他在未来创造了它,即我们的过去。Subnet仍在等待他。在Sub 6中,当我们离开移动舱时,需要在IDN上(大概是识别号)找到我们。我们不知道Thoth的身份,所以我们被丢了出去。我希望这能解释埃及人对Subnet的重视。